Course Memo

Metaphors are all around us, and not just in poetry and song. Metaphors allow us to convey complex ideas of our lives, our world, and beyond. The metaphors we use are often influenced by the way we think about these ideas, but our metaphors can shape the way we conceptualize the world as well. Because of this, the way an author uses metaphors can convey a great deal about the way that they think about the world; and the biblical authors are no exception. In this course, students will explore and analyze various metaphors used by the authors of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament using contemporary metaphor theories and methods, with a special emphasis on metaphors pertaining to gender, sexuality, sexual violence, and parenthood. Assessment will be through weekly reflections, class participation, and a final paper. This course is taught by PhD students Jennifer Lehmann and Eunyeong Ma with a Newhall Award, under the supervision of Dr. Eugene Park.