Course Memo

This course will introduce students to systematic theological reflection on the sacraments in general and on each of the seven sacraments. While other traditions will be touched upon, the focus will be on the Roman Catholic tradition, especially as found in the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas. In this tradition, it is believed that (1) the sacraments, being instituted by Christ and deriving their power from him, introduce us to his divine life, and that (2) these sacraments are celebrated by the Church, so that this life may be professed and shared. This course focuses primarily on the first of these two fundamental aspects of the sacraments, although the second (liturgical) aspect will be present in many ways. Requirements: Weekly questions & comments in response to assigned readings, 2 essays of 300-1000 words, brief presentations, annotated bibliography, and exams. Intended Audience: MDiv or MA Theology students; other graduate students admitted with permission.