Course Memo

The intention of this course is to learn how to read and translate modern Hebrew. We will focus on grammar and vocabulary to strengthen your ability to read, understand and translate passages. We will use class time to review grammar, verb conjugations, idiomatic phrases as well as practice translation and comprehension with a range of texts, including previous GTU modern Hebrew Exams. This course will culminate in an official GTU Modern Foreign Language Exam that will fulfill GTU's language requirement. Completion of the course does not guarantee a passing grade on the exam, but the course is geared toward giving you the tools needed for translation and comprehension. The Exam will be offered in the last week of the course by the instructor, but is also offered through the GTU the third week of September, February and May. Course meets weekdays, 7/10/23-7/28/23, from 9:30am-1:15pm, at GTU Dinner Board Room. [Auditors excluded]