Course Memo

This course is taught by Paul Gaffney and Laurie Garrett-Cobbina. The CPE center at SFTS is accredited through the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. (ACPE) to offer Level I/II and Supervisory CPE. ACPE is accredited through the U.S Department of Education. ACPE accredits two types of CPE "programs," CPE Level I/Level II and Supervisory CPE. CPE programs have Objectives and CPE students have Outcomes. Objectives define the scope of the CPE (Level I, Level II and Supervisory Education) program curricula. Outcomes define the competencies to be developed by students as a result of participating in CPE programs. CPE is conducted by an ACPE CPE Supervisor who is specifically trained and certified to offer experiential, action/reflection education. The ACPE Supervisor provides both individual and group supervision. Once accepted into the program, the CPE Student Handbook detail administrative and procedural requirements for CPE, accreditation and educational standards, as well as important policies and procedures. You will learn about clinical or service oriented education, also known as an experiential method of learning. CPE learning will focus on pastoral formation, pastoral competence, and pastoral reflection. One unit of CPE is a minimum of 400 hours, of which 100 hours must be structured learning and 300 hours must be direct contact with the population you are serving. A peer group for Level I/II CPE is made up of at least three CPE (Level I/II) students who engage in a small group learning process. [Faculty Consent required; Interview required; 8 max enrollment]