Course Memo

The Leading Diversity-Oriented Ministries Certificate is year long program that prepares church planters, pastoral leaders, ministry leaders, and higher education professionals for leadership roles in diversity-oriented organizations. The goal of the program is to provide leaders with the necessary awareness, knowledge, skills, and experience to provide effective intercultural leadership. All participants must commit to a 12 month educational program with monthly 3-4 hour sessions. All participants will receive 3 academic units for fall 2023 and 3 academic units for spring 2024 semesters. Cohort #1 begins on Monday, May 22, 2023 -- then once a month for the next 12 months on 9/8/23, 10/6/23, 11/10/23, 12/8/23, 1/5/24, 2/9/24, 3/8/24, 4/5/24, 5/10/24, & 6/7/24.