Course Memo

This course will introduce participants to the foundational texts and central beliefs and practices in Islam and important theories and methods in the academic study of Islam as a religion. We will focus on various aspects of Islamic tradition and history including the development of religious law, theology, philosophy, mysticism, art, and culture. We will explore the diverse ways in which Muslims practice and interpret their faith, with a focus on the role of women in the establishment of Islamic thought and institutions. This course will also introduce participants to key themes and issues in the study of contemporary Islam, offer resources to counter Islamophobia, and an opportunity to engage with some Muslim organizations and communities in the Bay area. Participants will be expected to begin formulating various nuanced, internally consistent, and suitable conceptual categories for talking about Islam in its various manifestations. This is a seminar course offered remotely on Zoom and is open to MA, MDiv, MTS, as well as PhD students (with added research). Assessments include class discussions, oral presentations, and a final project.