Course Memo

This course engages with key issues in course design and teaching. Students will examine a diverse body of literature on pedagogy, instructional design methods, learning theories, and teaching strategies in higher education and the study of religion and theology. Some instructional approaches that will be discussed include outcome-based course design, inclusive teaching strategies, culturally responsive teaching, practical techniques for student discussion and collaboration, and using technology to facilitate learning. Students will critically reflect on the wide array of instructional strategies offered in this course and determine which pedagogical elements they would want to utilize to produce effective and engaging learning environments in diverse classrooms. Additionally, students will design a course syllabus and write a teaching philosophy. The materials developed in this course can be used to fulfill the teaching competency requirement of the doctoral program. The target audience for this course is doctoral students. Students in other programs may enroll at the discretion of the instructor. Auditors excluded [12 Max Enrollment]