Course Memo


This course will provide students with basic grounding in topics and skills that are foundational for MDiv/CAS study and for ministry in the Episcopal Church, including reading theologically and historically, using the basic tools of congregational analysis and practical theology, and developing some familiarity with the applications of intercultural competency.   Through readings, discussion, practical work, and collaborative projects, students will begin the self-reflective and growing process of developing the identity and skills appropriate to an Anglican ministry leader. Course meets weekdays, 6/12/23-6/23/23 (excluding 6/19/23), from 8-11:30am at CDSP.

FALL 2023

This course will provide the basic skills and subject familiarity for engagement with graduate-level scholarly practice and is designed to critically reflect upon the nature and content of Anglican spiritual identity, including an introduction to history and global Anglicanism, liturgy and music, congregational dynamics, and developing skills of close and active reading.  Evaluation will be via short papers, presentations, and a final research paper.  The course is intended for MDiv, CAS, and MTS students.