Course Memo

This online course, open to all students, will examine anti-black racism in the U.S. in some of its most serious manifestations, explore the content and significance of relevant Faith-based texts, and consider how participants can initiate meaningful conversations and contribute to public discourse with a vision of building a more just and unified society. It will explore such subjects as the constructions of race and the oneness of humankind, stereotypes and cultural appropriation; colonialism and slavery; Civil Rights Movement; segregation, gentrification, environmental racism, and reparations; Prison Industrial Complex and Black Lives Matter; Black women in the U.S.; racism and technology; and constructive resilience and community building. Each unit will explore the root cause of issues presented with an interdisciplinary lens and Baha’i perspective. Ultimately, participants will acquire the capacity to apply this knowledge to their lives, community building and social discourse. This interactive seminar will utilize a combination of evaluation methods with varying requirements. [30 max enrollment]