Course Memo

This course is designed to provide a general survey of the general theological basis for and characteristics of spirituality as practiced in Christian traditions. Students will delve into the theological underpinnings of Christian spirituality, interact with writings on Christian spirituality from historical as well as contemporary authors, explore various forms of Christian spirituality, and engage various practices of Christian spirituality in order to construct their own conceptual framework of Christian spirituality that will enable them to evaluate the effectiveness of various practices and to engage in them in ways that will deepen their own faith. Students will participate in this work through: course readings writing assignments; in-class lectures, discussions, and activities; and, a final culminating project. PLTS students will have registration priority. This is a 7-week hybrid course with one in-person gathering on the first Friday of the semester and one online synchronous meeting on the third Saturday of the semester. The rest of the course will be completed online asynchronously. [20 max enrollment]