Course Memo

This course offers students a grounding in methodological approaches to the study of theology by introducing the notion of theological methodology as well as practical methods for conducting research. It is suitable for STL, MA, MTS, and ThM students at JST and across the GTU consortium. STD students at JST might also benefit from it. Students in Scripture, Theological Ethics, and disciplines other than Systematic Theology are also encouraged to enroll. Through a close reading of Bernard Lonergan's classic, Method in Theology, presentations by guest lecturers from among the JST faculty, and of topical texts from a variety of historical and cultural contexts, students will develop a comprehensive grasp of the thought processes involved in theological research. Each student will be evaluated on: participation in interactions with each other and with the instructor and guest lecturers, a series of skill-building assignments, and a final project designed in consultation with the instructor based on individual needs and goals. [20 max enrollment]