Course Memo

Readings in Mahayana Texts: Bodhicaryavatara.This seminar studies the Bodhicaryavatara (Way of the Bodhisattva), a classic guide to the Mahayana Buddhist path, in English translation with commentaries and contemporary scholarly interpretation. We will discuss its themes including aspiration, compassion, wisdom, and patience, along with its place in historical and contemporary Buddhist traditions, its literary qualities, and the work of translation. An introductory level course in Buddhism is recommended as background. Fulfills the textual studies (Biblical Studies or Sacred Texts) requirement for the GTU MA. Suitable for MDiv, MA/MTS, and certificate students; DMin and PhD students may enroll with additional requirements. This course is offered in a concurrent hybrid format and may be taken either in-person or remotely with synchronous weekly meetings; before the first day of class, students should inform the instructor which format they plan to use. [20 max enrollment]