Course Memo

PASTORAL INTERNSHIP 1: FIELD EDUCATION LEVEL II, PART 1. This course is part of students' year-long experience in a supervised apostolate, through which they will (a) exercise basic skills of the apostolate, (b) engage in theological reflection upon it, and (c) document and communicate their learning about these areas. Each student is required to arrange for regular supervisory sessions with the approved supervisor at the ministry site. Requirements: In consultation with the on-site supervisor, the student must submit a Learning Contract, written theological reflections demonstrating an integration of theological learning with pastoral experience, and documentation of apostolic skill learning. Permission of both the Director of Field Education and Academic Dean is required. Course is normally taken Pass/Fail. This course is a prerequisite for Field Ed Level II, Part 2. Intended audience: DSPT MDiv students. [Field Ed Level I, Parts 1 & 2, or equivalent]