Course Memo

The primary purpose of this lecture course (designed for the M.A./M.Div./M.T.S. levels) is to survey the main lines of Christological development from the earliest Patristic writers through Aquinas. The areas of particular concentration will be the Patristic development from Nicea to Constantinople III and Aquinas' Christology and soteriology. Its secondary purpose is to survey the main lines of Marian doctrine, both as it has evolved historically, as it is being revisioned by contemporary authors. Modern and contemporary developments in Christology, including the various "Quests" of the historical Jesus, will be covered in ST 3115, Contemporary Christology, in the spring semester of 2024. The requirements for the course are attendance, and 20 pages of written work distributed over three essays on the material covered. NOTE: this course is a prerequisite for ST 3115. [15 max enrollment; Auditors excluded]