Course Memo

This is the second in a four-course sequence, spanning two January Intersession classes and a full academic year (sequential fall and spring semesters). This course, and the subsequent spring semester course, consists of the weekly expectation of eight hours in supervised ministry in a congregation or alternative organization relevant to a student's vocational intentions and weekly on-line class engagement through discussion and reflection. In-class learning will focus upon the following: (1) developing skill in theological reflection as a practice for ministry (2) articulating one’s ministerial identity and vocation, and (3) developing the self as a leader for ministry. Online class format utilizes lecture and discussion through Moodle. The student’s responsibilities in their respective placement site is defined by their contract and learning covenant. Evaluation: discussion threads and assignments. Limited to CDSP students. [Prerequisites: FE 2190; Placement site approved by the Director of Contextual Education]