Course Memo

This course is co-taught by LeAnn Flesher and Eric Sias. Culturally Responsive Competency Based Theological Education (CBTE) To be(come) Culturally Responsive requires mentors and partners. Each student in the newly revised Competency Based Doctor of Ministry program will journey alongside a thematic cohort with several DMin students and two mentors. A student’s mentor team can be geographically centered or spread across the globe. The remote realities that have become the new normal in our world create possibilities for communication and gatherings from anyplace at any time. Berkeley School of Theology’s Culturally Responsive Competency Based DMin will address several themes. Each student will select one of the several themes to emphasize and build his/her mentor team accordingly (or working with an advisor create their own specialized program): 1) Racism/Prison Renewal/Reparations; 2) Pastoral Care/Spirituality; 3) Preaching Social Justice; 4) Ministerial Training Latinx Churches (Spanish); 5) Biblical Studies/Interpretation; 6) Green the Church/Creation Care; 7) Womanist/Feminist Gospel; 8) Spiritual Formation (Korean); 9) Intercultural Leadership. If one of these themes does not interest the student s/he may work with her/his faculty advisor to create an emphasis that matches their particular needs. Class meets daily, 1/17/23-1/20/23; from 9am to 5pm.