Course Memo

This course aims to explore several dimensions of meaning making in chaplaincy. There are three interrelated foci: 1) understanding how we fashion an assumptive world or operational theology/spirituality that we then use to order experience and make sense of life as it comes to us; 2) assessing the spiritual needs and resources of a patient or someone seeking care; and 3) theological or spiritual reflection on the practice of soulcare in chaplaincy. The three segments of the course will be integrated around the human need to find or make meaning. It will be taught by Herbert Anderson, Rabbi Miriam Berkowitz, and a guest expert in spiritual assessment. The course requirements include a synchronous meeting on Wednesdays at 9:30am-11am and asynchronous activities (reading assignments, online posting, reflection papers, and a final research paper). Open to M.Div, MA/MTS, D.Min, and PhD students. [Auditors excluded].