Course Memo

its historical beginnings to its contemporary manifestations.  Paying particular attention to the cultural context in which it emerged, we will examine the church’s roots.  And focusing on the ongoing relationship between church and culture, we will examine how the church continues to develop and respond to social, ethical, and theological needs today.  We will explore Disciples church governance and the ways congregational, regional, and general manifestations of the church function and relate to one another.  And we will consider ways our Disciples history, polity, and theological commitments all contribute to the formation of a dynamic Disciples ethos that is expressed practically in the structure and development of church leadership, in the implementation of mission and service, and in performing important church rituals, including communion, baptism, baby dedications, weddings, and funerals.

*This course fulfills the Disciples history and polity requirement set forth by the Christian Church (DOC) Northern California-Nevada, Training & Care and Recognition & Standing committees.*