Course Memo

The Senior Integrative Seminar is a 1.5 credit class to be taken in the M.Div. student's final semester at Pacific School of Religion. The purpose of the seminar is to assess your learning process: how and what have your learned while at PSR? This will occur by evaluating your learning in relationship to PSR's Institutional Learning Outcomes and by taking account of any issues raised in your Middler Review. You will need to refer back to that review to show how you have worked on the issues raised at that time. A case study will be presented. You will then be asked to reflect on the case study by responding to a series of questions over a seven-week period. The questions are designed to evaluate your abilities in relationship to PSR's Institutional Learning Outcomes. For more details, see the syllabus for the online section. LETTER GRADE ONLY [Faculty Consent required; Auditors excluded]