Course Memo

Through readings, seminar and online discussion, preparation and preaching of a sermon, oral and written sermon responses, students will investigate and present homiletical possibilities for and challenges of preaching toward social transformation. Students will craft and preach a sermon focusing on a particular public issue explored collaboratively in class. Throughout the course, students will intentionally engage the homiletical tasks of 1) keeping the Bible in one hand and the “newspaper” in the other, and 2) collaborating with a variety of conversation partners. This course is offered as a seven-week intensive at the beginning of the spring semester. It begins the week of 30 January 2023 and ends the week of 14 March 2023. [Prerequisites: RSFT-1300: Introduction to Faith-Rooted Social Transformation and HM-2245: Biblical Preaching (or another approved foundational preaching course); Faculty Consent required; Max Enrollment: 12]