Course Memo

SWEDENBORG IN HISTORY: GENDER & SEXUALITY. This is a follow-up to “Intro. to Swedenborgian Thought,” though that prior module is not a prerequisite. This seminar explores the impact of Swedenborg’s thought in cultural history, with a particular focus on how his ideas of gender and sexuality were received by later readers, sometimes in quite heterodox and non-heteronormative ways. We begin with a close reading of Swedenborg’s controversial 1768 treatise on love (Amor Conjugialis), placing that work within larger contexts of 18th century understandings of gender and sexuality. We then follow the reception history of this strand in Swedenborg, with readings drawn from the poet William Blake, French novelist Honore Balzac’s gender-bending *Seraphita*, American feminists Margaret Fuller and Julia Warde Howe, as well as some contemporary queer theorists (Judith Butler, Juan Muños). This course completes part 2 of the requirements for a Certificate in Swedenborgian Studies. Guest speakers; two reflection papers, one final research paper. MDiv, MA, PhD students can upgrade [Auditors with Faculty Permission]