Course Memo

PSR MAST & MDiv students only. Required course for PSR MAST and MDiv programs for students in Stackable Curriculum. Field work arranged in consultation and with approval of the Director of Community Engaged Learning. To enroll, students must have had consultation with CEL faculty about planned project with broad sector or area of interest focus and confirmed mentor active in that field.

Participants collaborate with each other, the faculty instructor, and their mentors to draft learning objectives and establish criteria for assessing the outcomes of their field work and immersion experiences. [Completion of most of 1st year required courses for MAST & MDiv- see registrar and advisor); Interview Required; Faculty Consent Required]

SUMMER 2022 section: This course is co-taught by Joyce Del Rosario and Sandhya Jha. Course meets Mondays, 6/6/22-8/22/22, from 9:10am-12pm at PSR Holbrook 133. [Auditors excluded]