Course Memo

What is Scripture? The term is used variously to refer to the books of the Old Testament or New Testament canons, to highlight those books' particular authoritative status in Judaism and Christianity, or more generally to refer to any authoritative writing. These concepts of Scripture, moreover, vary considerably across history and in different places/traditions. This course takes a critical look at the notion of Scripture in different contexts in order to understand the variety of ways that written authority has been construed. The course is intended for advanced Masters students and will be conducted in a seminar format with assigned readings each week. Assignments include 1) Bi-weekly reading reflections; 2) Acting as discussion leader in two class sessions; 3) A "mini-conference" presentation; 4) A final paper that performs a "scriptural" reading of a primary text. [Foundational course in OT or NT; Faculty Consent required; 15 max enrollment]