Course Memo

This seminar (required for students in the GTU Certificate in Women's Studies and open to allinterested students) explores and analyzes emerging themes and issues in women's studies in religion, focus-ing on those that intersect with race, sexuality, gender, ethnicity, class, culture, nationality, and religious ex-pression. This course will provide theoretical groundwork and common vocabulary for students interested in pursuing women's studies and womanist, feminist, Mujerista scholarship in theology/religious studies. The course introduces the issues that are raised by the field of women's studies and explores how these issues relate to the study of religion. Evaluation based on Moodle participation, leadership of class discussion, and final project and presentation. This course is open to all degree programs at the GTU and has an inter-religious orientation. This course is taught from a liberationist pedagogy perspective. This is a Newhall Course co-taught by Keyona Lazenby and Yun Jeong Jeong under the supervision of Dr. Valerie Miles-Tribble.