Course Memo

A study of Lutheran theology with the texts in the Book of Concord in light of their historical roots, significance in Lutheran tradition and global Christianity, and contemporary theological and spiritual considerations. With an ecumenical orientation, the 16th century documents are engaged, critically and constructively, as a companion and living sources for Lutheran spirituality and ministry globally speaking, and for Lutheran spiritually and socially attentive theology that is transformative and speaks to and empowers action vis-a-vis issues of justice and equity and spirituality. Students are invited to explore ways to creatively, faithfully, and intelligently articulate and apply Lutheran hermeneutics in different situations, with new conversation partners and approaches, and with new voices. The study involves an excursion to the specific faces and phases of Lutheranism in the Americas, the place of Lutheran tradition in the framework of global Christianity and the ecumenical scene. The course prepares ELCA candidates for their required theological review essays. Meets Thursdays, 9:40 am - 12:30 pm [20 max enrollment]