Course Memo

CLIMATE JUSTICE: THEOLOGY AND ACTION IN RELATION. This course will use methodologies of Christian ethics and interaction with local climate justice activists to examine: 1) the climate crisis as a moral matter in relationship to various forms of structural injustice including injustice grounded in race/ethnicity, class, and colonialism, and 2) pathways for addressing the climate crisis with hope. Special attention will be given to global–local connections and perspectives from marginalized communities. Methodological resources include liberation ethics, Earth ethics, post-colonial perspectives, eco-feminist perspectives, and eco-hermeneutics. The course involves reading, writing, engagement with community groups, collaborative knowledge building, and discussion. The informing undercurrent of the course is the quest for hope and moral-spiritual agency in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  Fulfills Climate Justice and Faith Concentration requirements.  This course is jointly offered by CDSP & PLTS.  CDSP and PLTS students will have registration priority.   [30 max enrollment]