Course Memo

This class will be focused on the role of a church leader in equipping the saints for the ministries of evangelism and justice. Students will explore the theological and ministry connections of justification and justice as a seamless dynamic of the work that is God's, yet, in and through our hands and lives. This interactive class will put forth biblical principles, theological tools, congregational research results, ministry practices and tested resources that can assist church leaders to increase congregational capacity for evangelical outreach and justice ministries in the public arena. Through classroom interaction, readings, one on one interviews and review of current example in the ELCA and ecumenical partners, students will enhance their articulation of a theology of mission that will equip them for leadership and service in diverse contexts and settings. This course is offered as a one-week intensive the week of January 17-21 (T-SA) from 1:10 - 5:40 pm.  [30 max enrollment]