Course Memo

FIELD EDUCATION LEVEL III, PART 1: Through the 2nd semester of a two-semester apostolic placement, students will deepen their engagement in (a) fundamental skills required for supervised ministry, (b) theological reflection for ministry and mission, (c) their understanding of the vocation & mission of the ordained & laity in the Church and world, in light of Catholic teaching, and (d) fundamental concepts and skills related to evangelization and collaborative ministry. Format: an approved, supervised ministry placement normally involving 1.5-3.0 hours per week, with occasional contact with the Field Ed Director. Basis for Assessment: written theological reflections, documentation of apostolic skill learning, and completion of a Final Self-Assessment. Course is normally taken Pass/Fail. This course is the 2nd of a 4-part sequence of Field Ed Level III courses; the student will earn a total of 1.5 units of credit for Field Ed Level III, Parts 1, 2, 3, & 4 after passing the four courses. Intended audience: DSPT MDiv students. [Field Ed Level III, Part 1]