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An examination of Aristotelian and Thomistic understandings of soul, life, sensation, intellect, will, and the processes of cognition and choice. Philosophical issues in human conception and evolution. Unity of the human person, mind-brain and body-soul dualisms. Lecture/discussion, fifteen-twenty page research paper, or three 4-5 page essay papers on assigned topics. [MA, MDiv] PREREQUISITE: PH 1056 Philosophy of Nature (or equivalent)


Through readings, class discussions, and written assignments, students will learn the Aristotelian/Thomistic account of the nature of the human person, including the notions of life, the soul, the senses, intellect, will, knowledge and free choice. They will also learn how these notions apply to the contemporary philosophical issues of the unity of the human person, mind-brain questions, body-soul dualism, human conception, and biological evolution. [Auditors With Faculty Permission]