Course Memo

This is the second part of an introductory course in practices of care for ministry in communities of faith. In various ways over the full stretch of this course (including both PS 1026 and PS 1027), we will look at (1) aspects of human emotional/relational/spiritual need (2) as that is shaped by cultural values and societal power dynamics, and ask (3) how our theology listens to, critiques and revisions human need, cultural values and societal dynamics and (4) where that all leads us in terms of practices of care. In Week One (PS 1026) we will focus more on individuals’ need for care, especially in crises and everyday change involving loss. In Week Two (PS 1027) we will think more in terms of systemic understandings of congregations and families and cross-cultural perspectives, and how these insights can inform our patterns of care. Throughout we will maintain the emphasis on the communal and cultural context for our caring, raise the justice questions, and ask what hope and meaning faith provides. Format for Week Two: lecture/discussion, student presentations, conversations to practice/model listening. Assignments include pre-course reading, a ministry case study involving family or congregational dynamics, class presentation, and a post-course reflection paper. Class meets daily, 1/16/24-1/20/24, from 1:30-5:30pm at CDSP.