Course Memo

Both the New Testament and psychology speak of a person’s change from brokenness toward wholeness. But how does that change happen? Do we just “set our mind to it, and make the changes”? Or is it more difficult . . . and if so, why? Further, what is God’s role in creating this change in us, and what is our role? This course looks at how we change, comparing and contrasting the views from neuro-biology, psychology, and spirituality. We begin with how change is possible in our interrelationships, and what are the impediments to change. We then look at the question of the will: Do we have the willpower to change, or is that capacity overwhelmed by other forces? From here, we look at classic Christian spirituality, which says it is only God who can change us toward wholeness. Further, we look at the Wisdom Traditions of the world’s religions and healing arts, and see the time-honored path-toward-wholeness they recommend. We conclude by looking at the role of habit, in both making change difficult, and making change possible, and how that connects to how God attempts to change us, in ways that are made to last.This course is intended for DMin students. [10 max enrollment]