Course Memo

This online course constitutes the intersection of interreligious dialogical studies and the project of ecological sustainability, bringing together the fields of Interreligious Studies, Religious Studies, and Ecological Sustainability in order to identify and explore novel, dialogical approaches to the ecological crisis through the project of interreligious engagement. Undergirded by the conviction that interreligious engagement is an essential component of solutions to challenges to ecological sustainability (encompassing environmental, social, and economic spheres), students will engage in both internal and external dialogues, learning key skills and exploring ecological sustainability through the lenses of the Abrahamic traditions, Dharmic traditions, and Indigenous worldviews. This course is taught both synchronously and asynchronously: students will meet via Zoom for 1.5 hours per week and utilize a variety of other resources independently. This course is appropriate for all MA and MDiv students. This course is taught by doctoral student Rachelle Fawcett (Syed) with a Newhall award, under the supervision of Dr. Arthur Holder. [15 max enrollment]