Course Memo

Recently, the intersection of politics and specific strains of Protestant Christianity has had large ramification in national and regional politics in the US. However, the critical role of religion in politics is not a new one, nor will its importance disappear under a new administration. It is as important now as ever that we take a close look at the role of religion in polittics, its history, and its heterogeneity across religious traditions, ethnicities, genders, and class. Lectures will be pre-recorded, while the classes themselves will be discussion-based seminars. This class welcomes auditors, and it will offer pass/fail or graded options. For those pursuing credit, grades will be based on a class participation, regular short reflection papers on the readings, and a final research paper. This course is taught by PhD student Rick Heller with a Newhall Award, under the supervision of Dr. Devin Zuber.