Course Memo

This seminar seeks to contribute to a new missiology for our churches. We will survey biblical, historical, cultural and theological resources for the theory and practice of mission, with particular emphasis on current concerns and perspectives. Among the issues to be treated are: the interaction between global and local mission; evangelism and witness; gospel and cultures; religious pluralism and inter-religious dialogue; mission and ecumenicity; justice, peace and liberation; and the spirituality of mission. The course will emphasize the critical interaction between theology and practice in mission. Lectures and discussions will be combined with small group interaction, multi-media presentations, book review, and a final paper/project. This course counts as a praxis, intercultural engagement course for MDiv and MA students as well as foundation for mission studies for STL/ThM. Doctoral students will have additional requirement (Note: this is an upgrade version of RSST 3710) [One course in church history or ecclesiology; Faculty Consent required; 20 max enrollment]