Course Memo

Tribal theology is an emerging theology in Christianity. It is born out of the people's experiences of injustice and exploitation in the context of their assertion of rights and identity. Tribal theology attempts to express Christian faith in socio-cultural, religious, traditional, and liturgical thought patterns of the tribal people. It is a liberation and a resistance theology that focusses on affirmation of justice, identity, dignity, and wholeness of land and all its inhabitants. This course will explore the developments in tribal theology as it privileges the local context and historical traditions in creatively engaging gospel and culture in tribal people's struggle for justice and rights. The course seeks to offer an alternative approach in doing theology that affirms theological orientation and formulation that serves as the basis of hope for the suffering indigenous humanity in their quest for liberation, justice, and wholeness of being. The course is appropriate for students in MA and MTS programs. Doctoral students may take the course with additional research and writing. Course is taught by PhD student Zulunungsang Lemtur with a Newhall Award, under the supervision of Marianne Farina.