Course Memo

This synchronous online seminar course will give a critical overview of the relationship between religion and politics in various regions of the world. In this course, religion is defined not only as formal theological creeds but also as the societal beliefs, organizations, and subcultures associated with various religious/non-religious communities. Also, politics is not merely a set of institutional structure of statecraft but a whole dynamics of grass-root political life of each individual and community. Students will be encouraged to challenge the limitations of two prevelant concepts: religion and politics. There are two assignments for this class: class presentation and 10-12pages final paper. This class is open to any master-level and doctoral-level students. Fulfills SKSM Thresholds # 1 and 6 and MFC competency #4. This course is taught by PhD student Sanghyun Park with a Newhall Award, under the supervision of Dr. Gabriella Lettini.