Course Memo

This course will introduce concepts and foundational considerations for the burgeoning discipline of psychedelic chaplaincy. The emergence of psychedelic clinics, clinical research, and changes in regulatory policies of psychedelics in various communities across the United States, presents an opportunity for chaplains to be involved in providing spiritual care for these types of experiences. To better understand the interface of psychedelics and chaplaincy, this course will take an interdisciplinary approach to introduce relevant themes such as the indigenous roots of psychedelics, biomedical applications of psychedelics, and the application of chaplaincy competencies as it relates to guiding and supporting with preparation and integration of psychedelic experiences. Guest speakers will represent these different perspectives and topics of discussion will cover indigenous perspectives on healing with master plants and fungi, health and safety considerations from a biomedical perspective, clinical research and neuroscience, spiritual care principles as they relate to supporting psychedelic experiences, interfaith and intercultural competence and communication, and ethics. The class will consist of a combination of lectures, case studies, reflection papers, and a final research paper or project.