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MORAL DECISION MAKING IN A POSTMODERN WORLD Leading churches, social advocacy groups, and nonprofit organizations through processes of moral discernment and decision-making has never been quite so challenging. Over the past half-century churches have been pushed from their once privileged place at the very center of social and public life to the very margins. In addition, ongoing church scandals and what some view as unwarranted intrusions into the political arena have further eroded the moral authority traditionally accorded to churches, clergy, and other religiously identified leaders and fostered a profound skepticism and even hostility towards organized religion. This entry level course takes seriously the challenges and opportunities for doing Christian Ethics in a Postmodern context.Rather than an "issues" or "rules" -based approach, the class will focus on the key concepts, tools, and skills that students will need to clarify their own beliefs and perspectives, understand the "art" of moral reflection and discernment, and provide ethical leadership and guidance to others. Intended audience: MAST, MDiv, MTS students. ONLINE