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How do we use our voices and bodies to pray through song? Can sacred music be a practice of creative liberation? How do we build
community across difference, embody theology, encounter transcendence, and move with the spirit through music?
Explore these questions while singing and worshiping together with the PSR Chorale. The Chorale rehearses regularly and serves as a
musical leader for the PSR Community Worship services on Tuesday mornings. The choir will prepare anthems several times a month, but
more importantly, serves as the “cantor for the community” offering leading voices to facilitate community music. PSR’s community
worship services are informed by tradition, but also boundary-pushing, liberating, and intertextual. Music leaders will learn how to be
adaptive and flexible, drawing from diverse canons - from Gospel music, Taize chants & hymnody, to rock, pop & hip hop.
Meeting times to be determined during first class session.

Meeting times to be determined during first class session. Tuesday 2/1/22 at 11:10am in PSR Chapel.  Please email to see if space is available and include proof of vaccination with your request.