Course Memo

PSR MDiv. students only. Advanced work in Field Education. Pass/Fail only. Can be taken for 1.5 credits (10 hours/week at placement) or 3.0 credits (15 hours/week at placement.) Can be taken for 1 or 2 semesters within same academic year. Follows similar curriculum to Concurrent Field Ed: cohort meetings (every 2 weeks), site analysis, case studies, final evaluation. To enroll, students must have made arrangements for an approved field education placement and mentor with the Director of Community Engaged Learning. Placement can be the same as prior FE or new site. Students will meet as a learning cohort twice a month for 1.5-2.0 hours with Community Engaged Learning faculty. Date and time for the semester will be set at the orientation session on the first Wednesday of the semester.[Prerequisites: FE 1005, FE 1006; Faculty Consent required; Auditors excluded]