Course Memo

This course provides students with a historical, critical, and pastoral approach to the study of Christian Systematic Theology. We will examine the major subdisciplines of theology in their historical developments and interrelations with each other: the theology of revelation, trinitarian theology, Christology, ecclesiology, the theology of creation, eschatology, sacramental theology, and more. The course introduces foundational theological concepts and terms, exposes students to some major theologians and theological styles, and situates the study of theology in the life and ministry of the Church. The course format consists of lectures by the intructor and small- and large-group discussions in class. Students will be evaluated through short papers, their participation in various discussion exercises, a mid-term exam, and a final exam. The course is an introductory Foundational Course in Systematic Theology and meets the requirements as such for the MDiv program at JST. Students beginning other degree programs within the GTU consortium, or who wish to review the major areas of Systematic Theology, will also benefit. [25 max enrollment; Auditors with faculty permission]