Course Memo

This course explores scriptural stories, histories, and inter-religious issues concerning women across the three great traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  It considers common and distinctive topics that characterize these religious cultures and how they might be addressed in the context of dialogue among the women of these communities.  Finally, it offers a two week immersion experience in Jerusalem, Israel during January 2022 whereby students visit the significant religious sites associated with their study.  During this time they will participate in learning opportunities with Jewish, Moslem and Christian women living there.  (A minimum number of students is required for the immersion component with a maximum of 12 students). Estimated Cost of Immersion TBA  Interview with the professor required for registration.  Course satisfies either either a Biblical Studies or Interreligious Cs Requirement [Foundation course in OT and NT; Faculty Consent required; 12 max enrollment; Interview required]