Course Memo

Merging the practical and pastoral, this foundational, introductory course helps equip students for effective organizational management and leadership – whether serving congregations, leading other religious institutions, or bringing spiritual leadership to secular settings. Topics include non-profit administration, governance, finance, strategic planning, human resources, change management, and organizational culture – and how these relate to ministry. This interactive, multi-faceted course blends readings and written assignments with group discussion, coaching, independent research, and a praxis (action/reflection) component. With the support of the instructor, students will customize their course experience to build on their unique learning goals, aptitudes, and areas for improvement as organizational leaders. Relates to SKSM Threshold #2: Life in Religious Community and Interfaith Engagement threshold Relates to MFC competency for Administration. Note: This course fulfills the leadership intensive requirement for SKSM students pursuing vocational paths other than Unitarian Universalist ministry. [15 max enrollment; Auditors excluded]