Course Memo

Introduction to Womanist TheoEthics: This seminar will provide an introduction to Womanist approaches to the study of theology and ethics. Focusing on rehumanizing methodologies grounded in the lived experiences of Black women in Diaspora, this class will offer an intersectional, counter-oppressive lens on moral questions in the day-to-day world. Womanist scholars such as Emilie Townes, Katie Cannon, Delores Williams, Monica Coleman, and Melanie Harris will be used to explore the dismantling of oppression around issues of race, gender and sexuality, and class. This class meets Starr King thresholds 1,2,6,7 and MFC Competencies 1,3,4 [Eco Core intensive or equivalent with permission of the instructor; Faculty Consent required; Max enrollment 20; Auditors excluded]