Course Memo

FIELD EDUCATION LEVEL I, PART 1: This course introduces students to the fundamental skills required for supervised ministry. Students will learn processes of theological reflection for ministry and mission. They will develop their understanding of the vocation & mission of the ordained & laity in the Church and world, in light of Catholic teaching. They will also learn fundamental concepts and skills related to evangelization and collaborative ministry. Format: lecture & discussion (and a supervised ministry placement). Basis for Assessment: participation, written theological reflections, and completion of a Learning Contract. Course is normally taken Pass/Fail. This course is a prerequisite for Field Ed Level I, Part 2; the student will earn a total of 1.5 units of credit for Field Ed Level I, Parts 1 & 2 after passing both courses. Intended audience: DSPT MDiv students. Course meets at St. Albert Priory, 5890 Birch Court, Oakland.